• Li “Lilly” Shen

    Li “Lilly” Shen” a self-styled “people person”, has always lived by the principle of treating others the way you wish to be treated. Her employment background includes human resource management, accounts payable, and serving as an oil and gas payroll…...

  • Kim Gabehart

    Kimberlee Gabehart, a native of Spring, Texas, is a gold mine of information and local lore about the urban and surrounding areas of Spring, Magnolia, Tomball, Conroe, and Houston! She developed an early passion for interior design and home staging,…...

  • Honey Dunlap
    Honey Dunlap
    (7 Reviews) 5/5
    Honey Dunlap

    Honey Dunlap


    As a business person, I have a fierce tenacity to dream big and finish strong, and those who know me know I meet every challenge head on. Because of my love, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the area, I have been called “The Ambassador of Spring and Northampton Real Estate”....

  • Shelley Fay

    Shelley Fay


    Shelley Fay (also known as Honey's mother) has been in real estate sales in Florida, Oklahoma, Spain, Belize, and now Texas. She is an expert in residential sales and leases with sales volume measured in multiple millions of dollars....

  • Connie Ellisor

    Connie Ellisor


    I've lived in Northampton for over eight years and have been friends with Honey Dunlap for about that long. Little did I know we would be working together. Our team of professionals is awesome!...