Your Burger Search is OVER!



Okay, all you burger lovers in the Spring,  Northampton, and The Woodlands.  Life just got a lot better!

Thanks to “Spring Happenings” (, we learned about “Just Burgers” located at Steubner Airline and Louetta.  Ambrose Pina, a former executive chef, decided to open a burger place there with his wife Amber featuring FRESH food. What a concept, huh!

Ambrose says, 

“Amber and I work our tails off so we don’t have to serve frozen fries, frozen onion rings, frozen bread, and frozen beef. No chef worth the title should serve frozen food and expect good money in return!”

Welcome to the neighborhood, JUST BURGERS!  We’re so glad you’re here.

Just Burgers

And, by the way,  if y’all are looking for a home with a back yard–patio, deck, pool, spa, whatever–worthy of the best hamburgers in Spring, give me a call.  I’ve got what you need!

Love, Honey


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