88 Grand Regency Circle–Cozy Home in The Woodlands Has 18 Bathrooms

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So maybe you were thinking about a place in The Woodlands.  “DanMar Mansion” in Carlton Woods  is selling for $19 million. (That’s approximately $3.8 million down and $90,000 a month–if you have to finance). Oh, yeah, and the annual taxes (with no exemptions claimed) run at about $455,000 a year.

But heck, look what you get with it:

      • 10 bedrooms
      • 5 kitchens
      • 18 bathrooms
      • 2 additional apartments
      • a six-car garage
      • movie theater
      • spa
      • salon
      • garage door opener

But wait!, There’s more. This 3-story, 30,000 square foot house has three spiral staircases, three elevators, and twelve fireplaces.  The master bedroom is 3,000 square feet, so you can spread out in there, for sure. And the house comes fully furnished.

The owners have indicated that they would like to” down-size”.  You think? 

Whatever your needs are, give me a call  (281-236-4026). We can help find the perfect home for you!

Happy Holidays, Y’all!

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