Arghh! It’s Back to School Time

Ah, good old “back to school”! Let’s face it, it’s a stressful time for parent and child alike.  (Thank goodness my two are now in high school and college!) Here’s a couple of tips for the little ones.

back to schoolBack to school is a major milestone in your child’s life, so it’s normal to have some first day jitters. These tips can help calm your child’s nerves, and make the transition from home to school a little easier. It’s so much better to have a feeling of excitement instead of anxiety.

Entering a classroom full of new faces can be stressful for anyone, especially a young child who hasn’t spent a lot of time away from home yet. Most schools will have an open house to give you a chance to stop in and meet the teacher together. Be sure to attend, so your child will see at least one familiar face on the first day. If your child is younger, try to arrange a play date with some other children who will be in his or her classroom in the fall, too.They’ll be so excited to see their friends on the first day of school, they’ll forget all about being nervous.

And be sure to take your child on a tour of the school, especially the bathroom! Your little one will feel a little more comfortable if he or she knows the way around the classroom. When you go to meet the teacher, make sure to give your child the lay of the land. If the child is new to the school, point out where the bathroom is, and review the route with them so they knows exactly how to get there. This will help avoid any embarrassing accidents Other important areas to point out are the nurse’s station and the school office. Chances are, your child won’t be wandering around the school alone, but if she finds himself separated from her classroom, she’ll know where to go.

Read more great tips on FamilyEducation: Lots of great tips there!  Oh yeah, good luck!

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