Easy Curb Appeal Upgrades You Can Do On a Weekend




Sometimes the idea of getting your home ready to sell can seem daunting. Adding some curb appeal, however, will help your home sell faster and for more money. We’re talking about changing that visible first impression value without taking weeks of labor or breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas to freshen up your home’s exterior that you can complete on your own for less than a hundred dollars on a weekend:

Start With the Front Door

Whatever your tradition, a bright, freshly painted front door gives a sense of welcome and vitality to your home. So, make sure your front door is clear of grime and clutter, and give it a fresh coat of a deeply hued paint that blends or contrasts with the rest of the exterior. If you have time, refresh the paint on the shutters as well. Even vinyl doors and shutters accept the correct paint, so check with your local DIY store for advice on the best paint for your door and shutters. Be sure to clean the paint off the doorknobs, knockers and hinges.

House Numbers

New, bright, clearly readable house numbers will put your home “on the map”. Brighten up that brass, repaint the numerals, or replace them with decorative ones available at most hardware stores.

Planters and Flowers

Seasonal flowers in window boxes, pots, container gardens or hanging baskets make an eye-catching addition to any house. Make sure the pots, planters and baskets are in keeping with the house’s architectural elements. Keep an eye on the blooms, and remove any that are past their prime.

Exterior Lighting

Clean up or replace the entryway light making sure the bulbs in the fixture cast an attractive glow–we don’t want a 5,000 watt security light effect! You can enhance the evening curb appeal with easy-to-set-up solar landscape lighting along the walkway or driveway, or to highlight a particularly beautiful plant or garden statue. Solar LED lights are easy to install, have no wires, and come in dozens of styles and colors. Properly placed landscape lighting adds dramatic interest to your home.

Clean Up Your Landscaping

This is a biggie: Spend the weekend removing dead plants and shrubbery, trimming bushes and trees, mowing and trimming the lawn and removing weeds. A cared-for lawn has automatic attraction for prospective buyers. It gives them the impression that your home is well cared-for and well loved.

Call me, and my team and I willl help you get started making your home a buyer’s dream.

                    Love, Honey

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