“Howdy” to Houston Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien

Beer_can_house      As HUGE Texans fans, Trey and I were excited when we heard that Bill O’Brien is the new head coach. And, being in real estate, I found myself wondering where in this great city he might want to live. I mean, if he’s new to the area, who is giving him advice on the best areas to reside?  I guess he could live in some fancy gated community if he wants, but maybe he wouldn’t get the full flavor of this amazing, diversified, fun place we call Houston.

So I made up a short list of some places I think Bill and his family might want to consider away from the big buildings downtown.  The first one is “The Beer Can House” just off Memorial at 222 Malone. It took owner John Milkovisch a lot of years to completely cover his home at the rate of a six-pack a day, and I’m thinking the Texans’ previous season might have gone a little better if some beer had been involved in the planning sessions.

Second, Pat may want to up the ante a little and live at the DanMar Mansion in Carlton Woods [see previous post]. The only reason I throw that out is because the house has three elevators, and I think that would be way cool for a head coach.


Another suggestion is the George Ranch in Richmond, just southwest of Houston. Although it’s not actually in Houston, it’s a great place to learn about Texas and wranglers and cowboys and all that stuff that would be excellent for someone from Pennsylvania to know about the area. Especially wrangling.

I have lots of other ideas, but I’ll wait until Bill or his wife actually asks my opinion!  If you need a place to live, I’ll have some advice for you, too!




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