Keeping the House Cooler (and other tips)

hot cats

Does it seem like the air conditioner is running all the time, but it’s still to hot for comfort? Before you call your AC guy, try checking the system yourself.  One of the things that is most often overlooked is cleaning the air filter.  This should be done once a month, but if you haven’t checked it in a year, may be your problem!  I try to get my husband Trey to check on these things, but, oh never mind!

As long as you’re in fix-it mode, why not check the siding on the house, particularly if it’s wood.  (Yeah, I know. Like I have lots of time for siding checks. But it won’t take long, and it may be worth it. What you’re looking for is discoloration, broken boards, moisture, and things like that. If you see things like that, this is the time to do some repairs before it gets worse.

Want to REALLY do a good job? Then check how the ground outside the house slants!  If it’s slanting toward the house, then you’ll have a moisture problem for sure, not to mention all those mud puddles.

The point is, check on the problems while they’re still little, and you’ll wind up saving a ton of money later.



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