Links & Tees – Buying a Golf Course Home

buying a golf course homeAugust is national golf month and brings with it beautiful weather and prime conditions for hitting a few rounds. If you happen to join in a game of golf, you may begin to wonder about the homes lining the fairway. You may even daydream about the joys of living on the course, in an exclusive, gated community only steps away from hitting the links day in and day out.

Golf course living can be filled with gorgeous views, relaxing evenings, and moments of perfect solitude.  If you are tempted by the idea of golf course living, the following considerations can help you decide if a golf course home is the right choice for you.

Resale Value – In general, golf course homes, especially those near the green or tee box boast a higher sales price in comparison to homes off the course.  However, each course is unique and you need to know the course and future landscaping and building projections to understand what location is best for your golf course home.

Watch those balls!   First and foremost, realize that life near the fairway is not necessarily one of privacy and safety. Flying golf balls and loud weekend crowds along golf cart paths are something to consider when seeking a golf course home. Consider your own game of golf and where your errant balls might land and make sure your potential home is not in line as a target.  If you are looking for a lower priced golf course home, however, you might consider a deal on the fairway and embrace it as adventurous.

Association Rules –  Make sure that you know the rules of your chosen golf course community before making an offer.  Bylaws may restrict landscaping features and netting, allowing only approved fencing or walls, or dictate the plants you use in your backyard.   Special assessment clauses may apply as well.  Save disappointment by knowing about these BEFORE you buy your golf course home.

Pesticide Use – If you are sensitive to chemical sprays or afraid of unusual wildlife, you may want to consider a home a few streets away from the green.  Golf courses are well-maintained in part by pesticides and may be a concern if you have pets or small children.  Also, coyote, geese, deer, and other local critters seen on the golf course may cause you concern, too.

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