Mortgage Rates Drop–Good News for EVERYBODY!

Happy SellersHow are the fixed-rate mortgage rates affecting the sale of your home? GREAT!  I just checked and the rates fell AGAIN to a three month low in July. (Yes, someone named “Honey” can check mortgage rates!) If you were worried about the effect current mortgage interest rates may have had on your home for sale, you may be feeling a little better this week.

While it’s impossible to determine how low and how long mortgage rates will dip, people seeking to buy a home will have more buying power, and that’s always good news for the seller. So contact me, and let’s get your house SOLD!

[FYI, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage dropped to an average 4.37% (0.7 point) and the 15-year average fixed rate mortgage decreased to 3.41 percent (0.7 point). (0.4 point).]

Click here to compare mortgage rates throughout 2013.

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