Organize Your Home to Make Room for Holiday Memories

Holiday Decor and Your HomeCan you believe it’s almost time for the holidays? And guests? And housecleaning!

It’s never too early to begin preparing your home for holiday gatherings. Be sure to think about how many guests you will be having well in advance so you can prepare enough seating and clean and organize the rooms that need attention. Keep in mind that kids really do enjoy their own special place perhaps as much as the grown-ups enjoy them having their own space.

I always try to keep my decorations simple, but festive to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Take care to plan out the meal and serving dishes well in advance. If you are taking the time to create lovely and delicious food, you might as well find a beautiful way to display it.

Think about ways to make your guests comfortable in your home. Be sure to stock all toiletries and clear out a closet or other space for guests to leave their jackets. Clean and make room in the refrigerator, especially if some of your guests are bringing items to share. Think about deodorizing the house. A pleasant scent can really go a long way!

It’s always nice to create comfortable places for your guests to relax before and after the meal. Bring out extra throw pillows, blankets, chairs, and don’t forget some toys and activities for the children visiting your home. You’ll find that these additions will help in making everyone’s holiday special.

And, finally, don’t kill yourself making the house look perfect. There’s no sense in having people over if you’re too tired to enjoy it yourself!

That’s the “buzz”!  Love, Honey

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