Spring Means Servicing Your Air Conditioner

I know, I know–this is BORING, but you’ll thank me later.  It’s time to have your air conditioner serviced. We all know that if we keep putting it off, the AC will be more costly to run and will deliver poorer air-cooling quality. So take a few minutes to do some easy stuff that will make things better.

First, check  the FILTER! Chances are, it’s dirty, and a dirty or clogged air filter reduces the airflow. The result: you don’t get as much cold air coming out. It’s as simple as that.  In addition, the blower may force some air around the filter, so the air entering your rooms may have dust particles, pollen, and other junk that a clean filter would block. If you have a permanent filter, remove it and rinse it out with a hose. Otherwise, buy some new filters! It’s inexpensive and will make a HUGE difference. You should do that about once a month. It will make a world of difference.  You especially need to do this after times of high pollen or dust, or if your pet sheds. Last time I checked, we had LOTS of pollen in the Northampton.

Another thing you can easily care for yourself are the coils. As dirt and grime builds up on the coils, they become inefficient at absorbing heat. The evaporator coils are located in the unit itself, and the condenser coils are in the outside unit under the cover. On the outside ones, make sure the area around the unit is free of leaves and other debris.

And call an expert when you have to. Always call an expert if your air conditioning unit makes strange noises, does not cool at all, or cycles too frequently. Be sure the company will send you a certified HVAC technician.

Servicing your air conditioning system now will insure that your home is comfortable once temperatures hit the 80s. Oh wait, they already have! Better get on it!

                                     Love, Honey

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