Super Bowl 48 Players with Ties to Texas

I’ve been thinking about Superbowl 48 wondering if my faithful readers would be more interested in Super Bowl Party Recipes or betting tips. I’ve opted for the latter.

Approximately $92 million was bet in Las Vegas on the Super Bowpork slidersl last year. It’s estimated that another $1 billion was bet off the books. (For every dollar bet at the official sportsbooks, something like 10 times that amount is bet between friends.)

A lot of people will check out the odds in Vegas, like Caesars Palace or the MGM Grand, and make their bets accordingly. But I’m going to give you some ammo that will help you nail down the winner. How? Through my original research. When I wasn’t spending time helping people buy, sell, and lease houses, I meticulously located the home towns of current Seahawks and Broncos players who are from TEXAS! And I’ve thrown in those who played college ball in the Lonestar State. 

First, the Denver Broncos:

  • Michael Huff from Irving played for Texas
  • Manny Ramirez from Houston played for Texas Tech
  • Von Miller (injured reserve) from DeSoto played for Texas A&M
  • Quentin Jammer played for Texas
  • Louis Vasquez  played for Texas Tech
  • Wes Walker played for Texas Tech

Next, the Seattle Seahawks

  • Michael Bennet played for Texas A&M
  • Red Bryant from Jasper played for Texas A&M
  • Christine Michael (that’s right, Christine) played for Texas A&M
  • Clint Grisham from Corpus Christi played for Texas Christian
  • Earl Thomas from Orange played for Texas
  • Mike Morgan from Dallas
  • Russell Okung from Houston
  • Luke Wilson played for Rice

I’m not exactly how you’re going to use this information to your advantage, but I know you’ll thank me later!  And if you’re more interested in the food, you can get a recipe for some awesome pork sliders at Happy Super Bowling!

Love, Honey

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