Have You Met Your Next-Door Neighbors Yet?

If you’ve just moved into your home or are considering buying a new home, you may be wondering who lives next door. In this day and age, it might take awhile to meet your neighbors. If you’re shy about reaching out, you can always turn to the latest neighborhood introductory tool, Next Door.

Next Door allows you to meet your neighbors virtually and monitor neNeighborsighborhood safety. For safety and community reasons, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself and make some friends. You can also share recommendations or give and ask for advice, and it’s a helpful tool if you need a local contractor. You can even start a neighborhood garage sale or host a block party.

Used in more than 16,000 neighborhoods, this free private social network could be the answer to feeling more connected to your neighborhood and your home, even with your busy lifestyle. From finding the perfect babysitter or pediatrician to getting restaurant recommendations, Next Door can make your life easier and your neighborhood safer.

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