What Story Does Your Home Tell?

What Story Does Your Home Tell?

Your home is like your own personal museum. It tells the story of your life, houses a collection of your personal history, and reflects your tastes, attitudes and opinions. Houses with the best design reveal the unique character of their inhabitants, and make visitors feel like they know more about those who call it home.

Are you curious what story your home tells about you? Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new place, and you’re ready to start putting your story together? Here are some key ways in which your home tells your story. Use them to inspire your creativity.

The story of your family history

Family heirlooms aren’t just nice design pieces, they also tell their own stories. Perhaps you inherited a lovely antique vanity, a spacious cedar trunk, or a set of old family photos. These items don’t need to collect dust in your closet or attic. Just because they don’t match your modern décor, doesn’t mean they won’t complement it. Not only will these family pieces add visual interest to your home, they are great conversation starters when you have guests.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, either. Look at older objects and see how you might be able to repurpose them (or browse Pinterest for great ideas). Those old suitcases could make a wonderful side table, while that antique colander from your great-grandmother’s kitchen would look fabulous as a lampshade.

The story of your children

Even if your kids have stopped growing, that doesn’t mean you have to paint over the growth chart on the wall. That’s part of your personal history and can often bring back fond memories – both to you and those who visit. And how about all those paintings they brought home from art class? There’s no reason you can’t have them framed and hung, even if your kids have long outgrown a set of finger paints.

The story of the pets you’ve loved

Pets are just as much a part of the family as any human. Do you have evidence of your pets around your home (aside from that dog hair on the couch)? Framed photos or even paintings of the pets we’ve loved over the years are a wonderful way to add color, warmth, dimension, history and even whimsy to your home.

The story of your interests and tastes

The details of your home can reveal so much about your personal interests and tastes. What sorts of books do you have on the shelves? Are your walls colorfully painted, or do you prefer more neutral tones? What kind of art is hanging on your walls? Do you have framed prints of famous works of arts, or do you favor work of local artists? Do you have any collections, and are they displayed prominently for people to see? Or are you hiding that collection of penguin figurines in a shoebox somewhere? Don’t be afraid to fill your home with your personal effects. They are what add the color and detail to the story your home tells.

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